Rainbows of Promise

God Loves You Gay (copyright July 4, 2013)

November 10, 2012   
About a month later, I sat in my living room writing and I could see light shining down from the sky in the late afternoon illuminating the earth with love and Christ presence. It brilliantly accentuated the colors of dry grasses which turned golden. Heads of green leaf lettuce shone like emeralds. I raced closer to our bay windows facing the backyard to see and was in awe as even my white Adirondack chair, which needed to be cleaned, shone in the late afternoon sun. The fruit trees which were weathered, old, and worn out, likewise shone radiantly in the sun's glow. But, what lifted my soul and made it soar was what fell from the sky in a descending radiance. A rainbow of promise was falling in the east. It touched our earth with it's glory.
I went outside and I stood mesmerized as mists of rain pelted my face and my hands. "A rainbow!" I whispered. "A rainbow, today..."
Bishop Gene Robinson’s retirement party was that day in New Hampshire. I thought the rainbow in Southern California was fitting that day. God is good.
As I sat there pondering God’s grace I wrote this poem:
Hope was restored within my soul. A hope in what will come, a hope that we will all live as one. A hope that inside of us will burrow and erase in us all trace of sorrow. I waited with the rainbow until it disappeared and night descended upon the land. A night of clouds came with pockets of light to keep the faith of believers alive and in sight.