Angel's Way, A Lesbian Love Story (copyright April 2016)

(In this excerpt Krista's guardian angel and God are talking)

Christopher sat down on a cloud. God began, “Christopher I created everything to be inherently different. No grain of sand is the same. No cloud in the sky. No snowflake that falls to the ground. Just as with the elements, no animal or human is created to be the same either. Everyone and everything has their own unique genetic makeup. Not everyone or everything is going to go into an expected form or substance. We are supposed to learn to love and to accept those who do not fit the expected. It’s not easy, but following my way is never easy. Some of my creation wants the gift of life to be easy and for people to be cookie cutter shaped to perfection. Some do not accept differences...Do you want to hear a real shocker?”

“Yes, I do,” Christopher replied.

“Love is what I planned for all along. When I make a plan it is for a person’s highest good. My grown children sometimes take my words and use them against the very people I created in love. This makes me very sad. It hurts people I made and care about and it hurts their families. It’s the year 2014 and we have come a long way, but we aren’t there yet because there is still too much suffering over the little mundane things.

“I formed each boy and girl in the womb and I created them each to be special. I wanted them to love and appreciate their bodies. I wanted them to delight in who I created them to be. I wanted them to take care of the gift of life that I bestowed upon them. I desired for a select few men and women to live a life of celibacy. But, for many, if not most, I desired for them to fall in love with another man or another woman and to express that love for and with them in a holy covenant relationship. Some were destined to love someone of the same sex…That is the way I created them. It wasn’t a test.”